About WSBC

The Western States Bar Conference (WSBC) is a forum for the mutual interchange of ideas among the leaders of the fifteen WSBC member states*. The average attendance at the conference ranges from 70 to 90 attendees each year and is made up of Bar Executives as well as Board officers and members. This two and an half day conference allows for the bar leadership from the western states to come together to discuss cutting edge issues for the profession, bar governance and how best to manage their associations. Developed with the intent of an informal-natured conference, the WSBC provides an enriching environment for bar leaders to exchange ideas.

The President of the WSBC works collaboratively with the Executive Director of the current facilitating state to develop programming and themes in consultation with other bar leaders around the nation. The panels presented at the conference bring forth a variety of expertise from the members of the WSBC as well as select invited guests to speak on specific topics.

*WSBC Members Include:

  • Alaska Bar Association

  • State Bar of Arizona

  • The State Bar of California

  • Hawaii State Bar Association

  • Idaho State Bar

  • State Bar of Montana

  • State Bar of Nevada

  • New Mexico State Bar

  • State Bar Association of North Dakota

  • Oregon State Bar

  • State Bar of South Dakota

  • State Bar of Texas

  • Utah State Bar

  • Washington State Bar Association

  • Wyoming State Bar